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"Bring your boating dreams to reality with Boaties App."

Has finding a new spot, connecting with new friends in boating or the thought of travelling outside your comfort zone ever seemed all too daunting? This process is now made easy with Boaties App, where we bring boaties closer together.

Boaties App allows you to plan trips, make new friends and catch-up with old friends, as well as find suppliers, fuel, marinas and everything you could think of in the boating world.

Out on the water will now be easy with GPS tracking for organising trips and meeting other interested parties to do these trips with. Boaties App will assist you with all trips, long, short or social.

It will assist you in planning fuel stops using the large supplier list, finding a mechanic when in unfamiliar waters and the unexpected happens, and finding friends in different locations when you have travelled far from home for events, such as boat shows.

Become better with your boating and introduce Boaties App to your boating experience and open an entire new world. Start living life with Boaties App.

This is the future of boating. Apps and mobile technology are the future of our world, so we have combined the two to bring new horizons and an exciting new future of boating to what you already know.